Workshop Information

Below you will find the 2017-18 Workshop Schedule for all sites.  It is important to review this schedule because there are changes to this schedule from past years.  This includes some new training opportunities which will not be available at another time.  These include but are not limited to:
  • Van Training  -  Van Training Sign-Up
  • Outbound Calling System
  • Finance Training - Activity Advisors
  • SMART Finance Training

Workshop Schedules
August 25th, New Teachers Only
August 28th, Monday
August 29th, Tuesday
August 30th, Wednesday
August 31st, Thursday

New for 2017-18

All staff will be required to display a school district ID badge when they are onsite in any of our buildings.  This can be accomplished in two ways:    

If you currently possess an Access Card ID Badge (these are the cards that allow you to enter your building site by swiping your badge) you should begin the school year by displaying your badge when you are onsite.  You can wear this on a lanyard.  If you don't have a lanyard, they will be available in your Main Office.  

If you don't currently have an access card, you must have your photograph taken on your site picture day, and an ID Badge will be printed and distributed to you as soon as they are delivered to your building. 

All staff will be required to wear their ID Badges when onsite during the school day.  We hope to have all the badges printed and distributed by the MEA Break.