Data & Communications Systems

Finance/HR Information Systems

SMART Finance
includes modules for General Ledger, Budgeting, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets (GASB 34 compliance), and Administration. It handles all fund accounting requirements and the state reporting requirements for UFARS. SMART Finance gives the users control of their respective areas and yet maintains security. The district administrator decides who is allowed to perform various functions or who may view and access information. A detailed user manual is available.

SMART Human Resources
(SMART HR) includes modules for Personnel, Payroll, Leave, Benefits, and Budgeting. Entry of data is based on “date effective” so that the district’s Payroll and Human Resources Departments can work from the same database without disrupting the workflow of either area. Security levels by user are established to protect confidentiality of information. A detailed user manual is available.

ISD #200 is a member of Region V Computer Services which provides support to business office staff in the areas of finance, human resources and payroll. The region assists in reporting required data to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). They also assist in complying with payroll reporting of W-2’s, TRA, PERA, etc. through periodic training sessions and bulletins. 

Asset Management/Inventory

ISD 200 uses a custom inventory database to maintain and track technology related inventory items. The technology inventory is used to manage information related to almost all technology items. Pertinent information includes the following:

  • Asset Tag Number
  • Site & Location
  • Manufacturer
  • Asset Type & Description
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Device Name
  • Device Status
  • Installed & Original OS
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Primary Use
  • Special Education Assets
  • School Year Purchased
  • Purchase Order & Price
  • Funding Source
  • Last Audit Date

This information is used to control and track technology inventory, determine timely replacement of equipment, report to the Minnesota Department of Education, and provide current information to our insurance company. All computer technicians, instructional lab technicians, media specialists, the network administrator, and some district level administrators have access to this inventory.

The custom inventory database has been in use since 2012. Previous to that date, the technology inventory was maintained using WASP MobileAsset software. The plan is to do a physical inventory in each building annually. Our custom inventory solution allows us to use Windows tablets with a barcode scanner to audit and update the database.

Student Information

ISD #200 uses Infinite Campus Student Information System. This system was implemented in the district in the summer of 2016. Prior to Infinite Campus, ISD #200 used the TIES Student Information System (TSIS) from 1998 through 2016.

Infinite Campus is used to maintain census and family data including parent names and phone numbers, emergency contact information, enrollment, scheduling, attendance, transcript information including class rank and grade point average, health data, immunization data, discipline history, grade history, and student demographic data. Teachers use Infinite Campus to take daily and/or period attendance, maintain a grade book, and create report cards (grades K-4). Teachers are also able to access detailed student information online in real time. Special education tracking is done using SpedForms IEP system.

Electronic Grade Book / Report Card

Infinite Campus Elementary Report Card is used by elementary teachers to enter end of term grades. Homeroom teachers and specialists (art, phy-ed, and music) are able to enter end of term grades and comments for their students.

Infinite Campus Grade Book is currently used by all secondary teachers and some elementary teachers. Infinite Campus Grade Book allows for the definition of any number of grade types, automatic weighting of grades, calculation of final grades and production of progress reports. Students in grades 5-12 along with their parents are able to access student grade information via the Infinite Campus Portal

Transportation Information System

Hastings Bus Company provides transportation to District #200 students. VersaTran student transportation management system is used by Hastings Bus Company to efficiently build, schedule and manage routes. TIES support staff assist District #200 and Hastings Bus Company in managing student data in VersaTran and ensuring that accurate student data is downloaded from TSIS (TIES Student Information System) into VersaTran.

In the winter of 2011, VersaTran was used extensively for school planning and the realignment of elementary attendance boundaries. VersaTran was used to identify and report on student populations and demographics within geographic areas.