The Minnesota Department of Education is in the process of revising the State Science Standards.  We anticipate the final draft in May of 2019.  This site houses resources that are germane to the work of the Hastings' Science Curriculum review process.

District 200 Science Education Mission:
The study of science cultivates intellectual curiosity, develops problem-solving skills and enriches the understanding of the natural world by engaging students in inquiry, experimentation and analysis.

Vision: Through the journey of science education, we develop collaborative, open-minded, critical-thinking, persistent problem-solvers who, through respectful discourse, authentic application and diligent research, enrich their deep understanding of a broad range of science concepts.

Values: Our science classroom community is built on instructional habits that:
  • Pose and encourage questions leading to discourse, ideas and generating more questions,
  • Offer rich tasks that drive inquiry, productive struggle and opportunities to learn from failure,
  • Model unending enthusiasm for the pursuit of scientific truth, and,
  • Empower students to make a difference in society
Preparing to understand the new science standards:

Resources to use for development of science lessons:

Additional free resources from National Academies Press (NAP)