• Special Education Transportation Routing -  CESO/K12 Transportation is the routing company for special education transportation and will be the first point of contact on new routes or permanently-changed routes.  CESO/K12 Transportation is the contact for Care & Treatment and Homeless transportation situations as well. 


  • Special Education Transportation Provider - Hastings Bus Company is the provider for most of the special education routes.   If you are making a temporary change (i.e. student is absent or cancelling a route for the day), Contact Cindy or Terry at Hastings Bus Company directly.  Please do not contact Hastings Bus Company to inquire about permanent changes to a student route or to inquire about a new route.  Direct those questions to CESO/K12 Transportation or the student’s case manager. 
    • Contact Information:  Hastings Bus Company can be reached at 651-437-1888.