Specialized Transportation Practice Statement

    Kris Schlander tracks transportation for the ISD 200 Special Services Office.   Kris is the first point of contact for case managers needing to set up or permanently change transportation for a special education student.   She is also the contact for Care and Treatment and Homeless transportation situations.  She's a good general point of contact if you have a question. 

    Contact Information:  651-480-7016 or

    Special Education Transportation Routing

    CESO Transportation is the routing company for special education transportation.  CESO Transportation is the contact if you are making a temporary change to special education, Care and Treatment or Homeless transportation (i.e. student is absent or cancelling a route for the day). 

    Contact Information:  651-480-7038 or     

    Special Education Transportation Provider

    Hastings Bus Company is the provider for most of the special education routes.  If you have a question about route times/bus numbers, please contact CESO Transportation. 

    Contact Information:  Hastings Bus Company can be reached at 651-437-1888.

    Information on General Education Transportation