Early Childhood Special Ed

ECSE Contact (Referral and Intake Information):
Cindy Zeien, Intake Secretary
651 480-7446

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) provides special services including evaluation and intervention to children from birth through age six who demonstrate delays in cognitive, communication, motor, self-help or personal-social areas of development. Together with parents, the ECSE team will determine the appropriate evaluation measures to determine the child's skill level.

Children from birth to age three who are eligible for services will receive those services in a natural environment, such as home or daycare by an ECSE teacher, occupational therapist or speech/language clinician. Services and program goals will be outlined in a written document developed by parents and ECSE staff.

A variety of classroom options will be provided for children ages 3 through age 6 to address each child's individualized needs. Services and program goals to best meet each child's needs will be outlined in a written document developed by parents and ECSE staff.

For further information, questions about your child's development, please contact:
Department Lead
Sarah Anderson

Assistant Director of Special Services
Tonia Humble

ECFE Contact:
Angie McGinnis, Coordinator
651 480-7678