Courtesy Bus Information


In an effort to accommodate secondary students grades 5 - 12, who live within the walking
 zone to the Middle School and High School, Courtesy Bus Routes have been established.  Please click above to see more information about how the routes work and to see a map of the of locations.

The School Board has authorized a “Courtesy Bus Service” for the
 school year.  This service will allow secondary students who live within the walking radius of the Middle School or High School to ride a designated Courtesy Bus at no charge.

Please click the link below to see a map showing the designated stops where
 your student(s) may catch a bus to the Middle and/or High School beginning on September 6th, 2016.  These stops will transport students to both the Middle School and the High School sites.

The exceptions to this are four “Express” Routes located along 4th Street:

Tilden - HS Only
 stop, located on 4th street, is an “Express” Route that will only be transporting High School Students directly to the High School.

4th & Spring – MS Only, 4th & Ash – MS Only, 4th & Whispering Lane – MS Only, and 4th and Pleasant - MS Only, 
stops will only be transporting Middle School Students directly to the Middle School.  


All other stops will transport students to both the Middle School and the High School.




All morning buses will arrive at the Courtesy Stops at approximately the time indicated for that stop on the map.



High School Courtesy Riders will board a transfer bus from the High School which will drop students off at the Tilden Hub before continuing on to the Middle School, where they can board the appropriate Courtesy Bus to their neighborhood. 

Middle School Courtesy Riders will be dismissed to the Middle School Cafeteria, to await the arrival of the Courtesy Buses.  Once those buses have arrived at the Middle School students will be dismissed to board the appropriate bus. 


Note:  There will be approximately a 20 minute delay in the arrival of the afternoon Courtesy Buses to the Middle School.  During that time students choosing to wait will be supervised in the MS Cafeteria and directed to the Courtesy Buses once they have arrived. Students are not required to ride these buses either in the AM or PM, at anytime they may choose to ride one, the other or both


Please be mindful of the fact that students riding Courtesy Buses are held to same standards of behavior as regular bus riders in the district and can be denied service if those standards are breached. In addition, if a student has been removed from a regular route they will not be allowed to ride a courtesy bus route to school.                       


If you have questions regarding this service please contact Deanna Werner at (651) 480-7002.

Courtesy Bus Routes