2020-21 Budget Adjustments

The School Board is currently in the process of reviewing the 2020-21 Budget and making necessary adjustments in order to reconcile the budget.  Documents relating to this process can be found here for the public to view.

If you are interested in viewing the Budget Adjustment Timeline you can do so by clicking here.

9.9.2020 - At the School Board Work Session held on September 9th, 2020, the School Board worked together to start a draft of a Guiding Changes document.  The purpose of this document is to define the current challenges and realities of the budget, what the School Board desires to see when at the end of this process, and what the School Board is unwilling to do.  At this meeting there was also a power point presented to review the current budget before any adjustments are made.

To view either of these documents please click on the links below:

9.9.2020 Budget Review Presentation
9.9.2020 Budget Adjustment Guiding Changes Draft

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